PBAC Webinar Wednesdays
PlainSense Series

Daniel Brudner

PBAC Webinar Wednesdays: PlainSense Series

Real time Adaptive Access Control for Databases using PBAC

Nowadays, many organizations are storing sensitive data in databases and data lakes.  Often, access to sensitive data is controlled when users access the data through applications, but what if a user tries to access data directly through the database?
We frequently need to control what records a user can see in the database and many times we need to control if a user can see sensitive fields in a record.
PlainID provides a comprehensive solution that allows you to control access to data across applications and databases.
Watch the replay of this PBAC webinar with Daniel Brudner, and discover how PlainID's PBAC solution offers the industry's most fine grained approach to access control.
In this webinar we'll cover:
  1. What are the database security challenges businesses face today.
  2. The importance of a consistent cross-applications and data repositories access controls.
  3. How PlainID provides dynamic fine grained access control to databases, both row level access control and column level access control.

and much more!