PlainID Webinar
PlainID and Okta - the Best of Both Worlds

Daniel Brudner

Webinar: PlainID and Okta - The Best of Both Worlds

Okta is one of the leading Authentication providers on the market today, and is increasingly trusted by leading enterprises to handle identity management.

However, Okta is a cloud native platform, and if you need to connect Okta with older applications, you'll need to find a way to bridge the gap. 

Fortunately, that's where PlainID's new integration with Okta comes in. 

Watch Daniel Brudner, VP of Sales Engineering at PlainID, as he demonstrates how PlainID can:

  • Seamlessly combine Okta’s authentication with PlainID’s authorization for the total access control you need in today’s dynamic environment
  • Quickly and easily develop, monitor, and enforce role-driven access policies across all enterprise apps and data
  • Enrich Okta tokens with claims. 

    And much more!