In Conversation with Deloitte


The Consumer IAM (CIAM) space and the Authorization challenges that we see today

To say the last year has posed a 'challenge' to consumer IAM management would be a massive understatement.

Many IAM managers have only now been exposed to the flaws in their Role-Based access control models, and are looking to more robust solutions to keep them secure in 2021. 

That's why we're excited to have Alexander Bolante, IAM risk expert and managing director at Deloitte join us for a discussion on the evolution of CIAM with Daniel Brudner, VP of Sales Engineering at PlainID. 

Watch to learn:

  • What organizations need to pay attention to when moving to a modern IAM approach.
  • How central dynamic authorization can help organizations with compliance and security requirements.
  • The advantages of a Policy Based approach to access control and how organizations can get started implementing it.