[Webinar Replay] PlainSense:
Delegating Administrative Rights for B2B

Gal Helemski

PlainID's PlainSense Webinar: Delegating Administrative Rights for B2B 

In a perfect world, Authorizations would be the responsibility of one person or team for every organization. However, this is rarely the case. Far more common is a situation where various stakeholders have different or overlapping responsibilities which most Authorization solutions aren't able to handle. 

This is particularly problematic for B2B companies which often have to grant access to other businesses, without being able to see who their authorized users are. 

If this sounds like an issue in your organization, listen to this PlainSense webinar with Gal Helemski, PlainID's CIPO and Co-Founder. 


  • To create a more efficient and simpler approach to access control management and the delegation of administrative rights
  • How to enable different stakeholders to effectively manage and control Authorizations that they are responsible for.
  • Best practices for B2B access rights management which offers flexibility and control
Recorded January 30, 2019, the webinar includes a product demo and Q&A.