EMA top 3 report
& Decision Guide for Enterprise


Ten Priorities For Enabling Secure Access To Enterprise IT Services

Enterprise productivity, profitability and success in meeting business objectives are dependent on the ability of workforces to access and utilize the applications, data, email and other IT services necessary to complete job tasks. 

This EMA decision guide was created to provide actionable advice on the best practices and solutions organizations should adopt. EMA have identified PlainID as one of the leading platforms for group and user policy management this year (2020).

Download this research report to gain key insights for IT managers, security officers and line of business managers: 

  • Understanding the end-user computing forces that are shaping today's workforce performance 
  • A clear identification on the most important considerations for adopting best practices and solutions for IT services
  • A deeper understanding into PlainID, one of the top 3 platforms available today! 

And much more!