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Policy Based Access Control


The challenge of ‘who can access what’ is continuously evolving. Enterprises (and their employees) demand access to solutions that support rapid growth that extends far beyond traditional role based models. This is where Policy Based Access Control comes into play.

Policy Based Access Control is a simple and intuitive method for controlling an organization’s entire authorization process. Our agile, policy based platform acts as a master policy layer, managing multiple policies seamlessly between all facets of IAM.

PlainID simplifies Authorization to one point of decision, one point of control and one point of view of every authorization level: in the cloud, mobile and on-premise applications. Policy Based Access Control is the ultimate solution for the modern enterprise. 

PlainID’s business-oriented approach offers:

  • A Business Oriented Approach to Authorization
  • Contextual Access Controls
  • Fine Grained Authorization 
  • Distributed Identities
  • Complete Policy Lifecycle Management

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