PlainSense Webinar Series
Authorization: One Size Does Not Fit All

James Crosby

PlainSense Webinar Series: Authorization - One Size Does Not Fit All

Are you stuck with an outdated Authorization system because of the fear that upgrading it will negatively impact your existing applications? Understandably,  many enterprises stick with the technologies that they know, yet it is becoming increasingly necessary for enterprises to work with the best technologies such as Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) in order for data to be secure. 

PlainID provides fine-grained access control at the highest level, going far beyond the Authorization norm by using flexible and dynamic policies to determine which lists of users can have access to which resources.  

Watch this webinar recorded on October 30, 2019 and learn how enterprises can use flexible and modern Authorization technologies to enhance enterprise security without disrupting current applications.

In this session, you will walk away understanding:

  • How PlainID can respond to the variety of applications within your business
  • How PlainID's Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC) features provide flexibility to your application and security teams