[Webinar] PlainSense Series:
Challenge and Solution: Multi Dimensional Access Control

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PlainSense Webinar Series: Authorization Challenges and Solutions with Multi-Dimensional Access 

The last few years have seen an explosion of services that require a central Authorization platform to manage and enforce the different policies. Employees need more access to more platforms all while staying compliant with local regulations. 

Enterprises are either struggling to ensure access to the right people at the right time or risk being non-compliant with privacy regulations.

Watch this PlainSense Webinar with Daniel Brudner, VP Sales Engineering at PlainID

  • The impact of new regulations on your approach to Authorization
  • How to ensure employees have access to the services and environments they need
  • How PlainID's multi-dimensional policy based access control provides different sets of permissions in run-time based on the context and service that the user is accessing

and much more!

The webinar concluded with a Q&A and short demo of the PlainID platform.


Recorded June 13, 2019