PlainSense Webinar Series
Top 5 Features of An Authorization Solution 

Daniel Brudner

PlainSense Webinar Series: Top 5 Features of An Authorization Solution 

When organizations begin to design their modern architecture, Authorization is a key component. But what features should you be considering when implementing your Authorization solution? 

Watch this on-demand webinar with Daniel Brudner, our VP of Sales Engineering to learn: 

  • The 5 must have features for every enterprise's Authorization platform 
  • How to support your organization's modern architecture with MicroServices, Containers and Sidecars
  • The adoption and usability of the solutions with Lifecycle Management, including delegated administration, policy creation, analytics and simulations
  • Approval workflows and auditing Authorization decisions and administrations
  • Types of enforcement from permit/deny to full access decisions and data filtering decision to support data access and API access

and much more!