PlainSense Webinar Series

James Crosby-1

PlainSense Webinar Series: Centralized and Distributed Data Access Control for Microservices - Sidecar

Most modern applications today use a microservice architecture allowing organizations to break down large applications to smaller independent components.

A major part of any application is Authorization, the ‘who can do what and when.’ An application could theoretically have hundreds of microservices, thereby making Authorization a critical security concern. The way to control Authorization in a microservice architecture is with “Sidecars” that are managed centrally.

In this webinar learn how PlainID enables companies to provide Authorization decisions using PlainID’s Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) to microservices using a PlainID Sidecar.

Join James Crosby, our Sales Engineer to learn:

  • The essentials of a Microservice architecture and Sidecar
  • A deeper understanding of Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) 
  • How PlainID's PBAC and Sidecar enables a scalable Authorization solution in microservice architecture

and much more!