PBAC Webinar Wednesdays
Zero Trust and Authorization

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PBAC Webinar Wednesdays Series: Zero Trust and Authorization

In today's highly volatile security environment, the Zero Trust, CARTA, and Google Beyond Corp models are becoming standard ways to protect organizations against breaches and control access to data and business functions.

In these models the basic assumption is that identities and resources are connected through a trusted network. For this to be satisfied, both sides must be fully controlled; identities by Identity Management and Authentication Management, and resources by Authorization Management.

Watch this session today! Recorded on September 25th, 2019

Daniel Brudner, VP of Sales Engineering at PlainID ensures you walk away understanding:

  • Why a Zero Trust approach is becoming the only approach to IAM
  • The benefits of Zero Trust and similar models and their requirements
  • How PlainID Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC) supports a Zero Trust  architecture
and much more!