PlainID Policy Manager
in a Modern IAM Architecture


In Conversation With EY: PlainID Policy Manager in a Modern IAM Architecture With Sam Tang

How can PlainID's Policy Manager fit into a modern Identity & Access Management (IAM) architecture when there are pieces missing from current IAM solutions? More importantly, is it possible to tackle the challenges that arise with IAM solutions? 
PlainID's Policy Manager and Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) solution improves productivity with a runtime decision engine that creates cohesive and consistent policies across organizations. 
Watch this session with Sam Tang, Managing Director of Cyber Security, EY, and Daniel Brudner, PlainID's VP of Global Sales Engineering to learn:
  • The efficiency of the PlainID Authorization Lifecycle
  • How PlainID is the main decision point for access among different platforms such as Okta, Sailpoint, Ping, AWS etc.
  • How PlainID fits into different modern architectures like Sidecar and Kubernetes
  • The Policy Based Access Control Process: how PlainID converts logical business policy into IAM policy
  • How organizations use and benefit from PlainID's platform 

and much more!