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It's Time For You To Move On From Legacy Authorization Solutions

Many large corporations, even some that are household names, are still relying on outdated, inefficient authorization management solutions.

These older, often home-built solutions are no longer sufficient to meet the organizations needs. They are difficult to manage and update, require too many IT resources, and are difficult to audit. To compensate, organizations tend to over-permission, leading to a system that is a huge security risk, not in regulatory compliance, and not doing meeting the organizations needs.

"Why It's Time To Move On From Legacy Authorization Solutions" introduces the benefits of a Policy Based Access Control (PBAC)

This downloadable eBook will explain how PBAC

  • Saves costs by being less expensive to manage and maintain
  • Addresses the problem of too many entitlements
  • Allows organizations to dedicate smaller teams to managing access
  • Is the foundation for a zero-trust architecture
  • Is better than a solution created "in-house"
  • Gives you complete visibility of who has access to what

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