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Gartner Top Strategic Trends for 2021 - Cybersecurity Mesh

Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021_ Cybersecurity Mesh

In their analysis of the top strategic technology trends for 2021 Gartner identified Cybersecurity Mesh as an important,  scalable approach to controlling security for distributed assets.

A Cybersecurity Mesh takes authorization tools out of individual silos and creates an architecture that allows the tools to interact with each other, and create a more secure, distributed identity perimeter. 

In short, a Cybersecurity Mesh is the most flexible, fine-grained way to secure cloud-based digital assets by providing an individual IAM security perimeter to each one, wherever it is located.

PlainID provides centralized policy and management orchestration and security tools that will help you support your mesh.

Download Gartner full report for an in-depth look.


Gartner, Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021: Cybersecurity Mesh, Jay Heiser, Felix Gaehtgens, 4 February 2021