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Anyone can build technology. At PlainID, we know what the business needs.  Your IT teams implement technology, but a key PlainID differentiation is that our platform can be used by the business team, the privacy team, IAM team, Legal team, in fact, anyone should be able to manage and implement Authorizations and the policies that govern them.

PlainID has created a managed access control model platform that is...

  • Centralized
  • Automated
  • Dynamic
  • Cloud Ready
  • Business Governed
  • Able to give you advanced policy investigation and rationalization
  • and much more

...So that you can see across the company and make decisions based on complete information, not silos.

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Customer Support Portal
For existing customers with Support Inquiries:

  • 1st Level Support:

    for immediate escalation, the opened case should be updated explicitly requesting to escalate the case.

    This could be either by an email sent to -   or by an update via the portal page: Click Here to access our Support Portal. (choose the relevant ticket). The email or portal update should explicitly contain an escalation request.

  • 2nd Level Support:

    Tech Support Manager - Firas Amer - Firas.amer@plainid.com 

  • 3rd Level Support:

    VP of Global Services - Eli Shay - eli.shay@plainid.com



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