PlainSense Webinar Series
Protecting your business with Dynamic Real Time Segregation of Duties

James Crosby

PlainSense Webinar Series:

Protect your Business with Dynamic Real Time Segregation of Duties

For most companies, Segregation of Duties (SOD) is complex. It's a compliance and/or audit requirement, so doing it right is critical. 
The traditional way of doing SOD is reactive, after the fact, where reports are run to detect toxic combinations of access and a manual process is then performed to correct the issues found. For example, should an employee have access to both the "Order Goods" functionality, and to the "Approve Payment" functionality, additional access to the "Account Payable" and the "Account Receivable" functionalities could lead to fraud or security and compliance issues.
This scenario is no longer viable nowadays, today's organizations are looking for SOD in real time, to prevent problematic access before it happens.
Real time Segregation of Duties using PlainID's PBAC Solution solves for this, and in our webinar, we will show you just how flexible Policies can be! 
Watch James Crosby, Senior Sales Engineer here at PlainID to learn how to protect your business with dynamic real time SoD.

Get the replay today and walk away understanding:

  • What is the difference between traditional Segregation of Duties (SOD) and dynamic real time segregation of duties using Policy Based Access Control.
  • How to restrict access data in real time, based on SOD policies
  • Delegated Administration and SOD in PlainID UI
and much more!