PlainID's Policy Manager in the SAP Customer Cloud portfolio

Authorization is typically not the most pleasant or dynamic experience for customers or even partners, with many solutions requiring end users to jump through numerous hoops to get access to the data or app they need.

SAP has joined forces with PlainID to make Authorizations smoother for your customers, increasing ROI, reducing churn, and improving customer control over personal data.  Give your business partner engagement and partner programs the ability to deliver truly immersive, transparent and effortless experiences to prospects and customers.

Get Authorization as a Service to simplify and complete the lifecycle of IAM, giving the business owner the ability to manage 'who has access to what' in their business offering, or delegating that control to a partner to allow them to manage access downstream.

Check out the new PlainID offering in the SAP Customer Cloud portfolio and see:

  • How PlainID simplifies identity management and get you a faster time to market
  • How PlainID keeps you ahead of data privacy regulations
  • How to build business policy-driven access management
  • How PlainID  secures applications while making Authorization easier with self service registration
  • How to offer the ability of delegate administration for Authorization so partners can create and manage their own users' accounts
    ...And so much more!

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