Xeth Waxman, EVP Technology at Apiture talks about PlainID's policy based authorization solution:
Part 1: Why were you looking for an external Authorization Provider?
Part 2: (0:45) What problems were you looking to solve? 
Part 3: (1:33) Why do you see Authorization as business critical?
Part 4: (2:23) What is your vision of the future of Authorization?
Part 5: (3:03) Scalability benefits of a PBAC solution
Part 6: (3:43) An Example of how Apiture leverages PlainID PBAC
Part 7: (4:57) General benefits of a Policy Based Access Control Platform
Part 8: (5:54) Build vs. Buy
Part 9: (6:45) Why did you choose PlainID
Part 10: (7:55) What is your favorite PlainID Feature
Part 11: (8:36) Recommendations for other companies looking for an Authorization Solution