Enterprise Management Associates Report
Advancing Identity and Access Management Awareness

Contextual Awareness

Contextual Awareness: The Next Level of Security Awareness 

It's been a long time since setting up secure Authorization was as simple as creating an access control list. For the modern enterprise IT, contextual information about each access event, including users, network conditions, and sensitivity of data being accessed, are crucial for granting or rejecting Authorization requests. 

PlainID is proud to have sponsored a comprehensive, 21 page report on contextual awareness by Enterprise Management Associates®. 

EMA surveyed 200 senior IT professionals, asking them how they currently use IAM services in their organizations, and how they use contextual information to manage risk. 

In the report EMA breaks down: 

  • The different ways enterprises currently use contextual data
  • Modern enterprise security risks and how they drive adoption of IAM solutions
  • How to apply contextual awareness to ensure secure access to data
  • and much, much more! 

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