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Find the Right Approach for Managing Enterprise Authorizations

Download 'The Complete Guide to Authorization' and start effectively controlling access to data. 

"Authorization" is the controlling of access to data and resources, and is a fundamental part of enterprise security.  While Authorization had simple origins, it's come a long way from access lists and now involves multi-dimensional policy-making algorithms that encompass factors such as context, environmental factors and risk.

As data protection becomes an increasingly critical issue, the question of who can have access to what and when, is one that all companies must pay attention to. 

Download the "Complete Guide to Authorization" to get full disclosure of the world of Authorization management and discover how it can effectively operate in the modern enterprise.

Read the guide to discover:

  • The costs and risks of inadequate Authorization solutions
  • Early solutions from access control to Role Based Access Control
  • The benefits of a Policy Based Approach to Authorization

And much more!


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