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Build vs Buy: Guide to Evaluating Authorization
Externalization of Authorization Policies

As the modern enterprise architecture demands a more decoupled and agile approach to authorization – existing access control deployments that are often tightly coupled and embedded within enterprise applications can no longer provide the needed level of agility, correct feature set and coverage for businesses.

Dynamic Authorization has become a critical component of the modern enterprise - delivering business agility via the flexible security of critical data and information assets. Homegrown access control solutions are common across enterprises - either embedded within complex systems due to bespoke requirements or due to limitations of CoTS providers. A modern approach is needed to gain better visibility and control of who has access to what resources.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Business Challenges of Authorization
  • Externalizing Authorization with Policy-based Access Control
  • Centralized Management and Distributed Enforcement
  • The Limitations of Homegrown Solutions
  • The Cost of Doing Nothing
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