451 Research Report:
PlainID looks to advance policy-based access control by harnessing the expertise of business users

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451 Research Report

PlainID’s platform is fundamentally designed with business users in mind, catering to the needs and skill sets of those that know the data and its requirements the best. The traditional IT-centric approach often requires decisions to be made by individuals who do not know the data well, which can create friction for end users who need to leverage information.

Download the 451 report to discover how PlainID’s business-oriented approach:

  • Reduces policy and role complexity and gives control to those who understand the data the best
  • Makes for a more consistent enforcement of policies and can actually be an enabler of data-driven initiatives such as self-service analytics
  • Allows users greater freedom to leverage the data they need the most

Find out how PlainID will give you more control over your assets. Grab your copy of the full report.