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Addressing Common XACML Challenges with
policy based access control

XACML is an extremely powerful tool to manage access and Authorization, and is the industry standard for creating attribute based IAM policies.

However, there are some recurring challenges that come up when trying to create and manage Authorizations, including:

  • XACML policies are very complex to write and maintain
  • It's difficult to see the full effect of new XACML policy
  • Performance issues, particularly response time delays around policy evaluation and approval

What if you could define a policy in minutes that would otherwise take hours to draft in XACML?

PlainID provides IAM teams with a simple and intuitive means to control their organization’s entire Authorization process. Our agile, standards-based platform acts as a master policy layer, managing multiple policies seamlessly between all facets of IAM. PlainID simplifies Authorization to one point of decision, one point of control and one point of view of every authorization level: in the cloud, mobile and on-premise applications.

Take control of policy creation and request a demo with PlainID’s Authorization experts today.


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