There's been a lot of discussion since "Policy -Based Access Control" (PBAC) arrived on the marketplace.

Despite their lack of granularity, PBAC's predecessors RBAC and ABAC are still considered "adequate" by many enterprises resulting in business managers underestimating how significantly Authorization requirements have evolved in recent years.

IAM needs have significantly changed over the past few years and have had to adapt to different Authorization solutions. PBAC is the most recent of Authorization approaches and has recently seen a jump in interest from the B2B sectors, giving partners and businesses more flexibility and security. PBAC holds many important properties one of them being that it is written in natural language and when implemented correctly, is very easy to use. 

Download "5 Myths About Policy-Based Access Control" to find out why PBAC is stronger than the myths and how it provides much greater flexibility, reduced maintenance and more precise control than any other Authorization solution.   

Read the whitepaper to discover:

  • Why RBAC is no longer enough
  • Why PBAC and ABAC are not the same thing
  • How business leaders could build policies with ~or instead of~ developers
  • How home-made IAM solutions can lag behind new technology

    And much more!



PoM 5 myths